I am an IT Professional and have worked in many different disciplines within Information Technology and have been passionate in learning more about each and every one of them. I graduated from the University of Louisville in Louisville, Kentucky. I've had a passion for IT ever since I saw Mario jumping around on the original Nintendo. Since then I've developed applications in many languages on many platforms and for many different reasons. I also got interested into hardware and took apart and built desktop machines during my early teen years. I've been involved in technology organizations and events from Middle School on and continue to be involved today.

Professional History
I started my own business when I was 14. Granted at that time it wasn't much more than an online presence for me and my various projects I tinkered on; but it shortly grew to much more. I started my first online game, NewAge, in High School and it still runs on a server I maintain today. I taught myself everything I needed to know to generate a massive online browser-based system ranging from databases to server administration and application development. NewAge at one point was boasting 100,000 members and over 500 of those might be on at any given time.

My corporate IT experience comes from GE Appliances. I began work at GE in 2007 and in this role I have been responsible for many different systems and improvements in all aspects of IT. I started my GE tenure by being a member of the Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP). I have worked on two application teams, a network and telecom team, a midrange server administration team, a database administration team and even a technology team wherein I was one of the two internal GE developers that created the configuration application for the GE Nucleus device which is the first of its kind and is distributed to consumers around the entire world. I also am a named member of a patent related to this device. GE is responsible for a vast majority of my professional experience both in IT and around corporate process. Within GE Appliances I have also had the opportunity to mentor and coach many aspiring future IT professionals, as well as leader to those starting out in their career. I have enjoyed my opportunities to mentor and lead so much I am now Founder and Chairman of the Board of a non-profit dedicated to helping spread awareness of IT careers to young professionals and those still in school; this is the Animus Foundation and it is a great way to give back to the community.

As I have advanced in my career I have found a love for people and process, as well as technology. I believe that with proper application of sound technical practices, combined with the right team in the right organizational structure, absolutely no initiative is impossible. Technology has given the domain a myriad of building blocks for us to work with and there is still yet an infinite number of ways we can arrange them. My goal is to become a leader of a small devops-minded team and drive that team to apply our knowledge to the projects that others deem impossible.

My Interests
I have a few hobbies and activities that keep me engaged in my work environment and my community that I participate in outside of work. Foremost of these is my involvement in the Masonic community. I belong to St. George Lodge #239. I am an officer in this lodge and I attend meetings twice a month. I also participate in Masonic community events and charity work including the Animus Foundation.

I encourage you to take a look at my resume to learn more about my expertise.

Contact Information
(502) 314-0771

  AWS Solutions Architect Associate   IEEE Foundation   Scottish Rish 32nd Degree     CISCO CCNA Certified   Adobe Flex 4.0   RedHat Certified Technician   GIAC Security Essentials Certified   Six Sigma Greenbelt Certified   ITIL Foundations Certified